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Historical Tours

Here at Boath House you will be staying in an historical building, but we also have lots of historic places of interest in the surrounding area and we’ve put together a few tours for you to enjoy.

Pictish Stone Tour

The people who lived in the north and east of Scotland between the 3rd and the 9th centuries were known as the Picts.  They have left no written records, but the legacy of their culture remains in their sculptures, jewellery and weapons.  Munro Highland Tours can take you to visit these sites which are scattered throughout the region and on your journey your guide will tell your more about these mysterious ancestors of modern Highlanders.

Highland Clan Tour

If you are one of the approximately 30 million people worldwide who claim Scottish descent, or simply have a desire to learn more about history, we will use our local knowledge of the Highlands and its clan system to help you find out more.  Get in touch and we can come up with a tour which meets your needs.  For example, we can take you to your original Clan lands, castles, battle sites, churches, graveyards and museums. We can also arrange a session with a professional genealogy expert. If you fancy something more hands on, how about weaving your own piece of tartan…

If you’re interested in one of the following clans, we can arrange a tour to suit:

The Brahan Seer

Highland history is full of fascinating characters and stories.  Munro Highland Tours offers a <strong>unique</strong> trip which focuses on one particularly intriguing character – the Brahan Seer, a man also referred to as the Gaelic Nostradamus. Kenneth Mackenzie, known as Coinneach Odhar in Gaelic, is believed by many to have prophesied many significant events in history, such as the Battle of Culloden and the Second World War.

It’s believed he used an oval shaped stone with a hole through the centre, passed down to him by his mother in Western Isles, to predict the future destiny of mankind.  The tour will take you to a number of locations of significance to the Brahan Seer and your guide will enlightens you about the life and death of this truly interesting figure.

Please contact us for further information and cost of these tours.