Autumn by the lake

The problem with leaves

This is the time of year that Ian our grounds man goes into deep depression. This is not caused by shorter daylight hours, frosty mornings or the lack of grass to cut – it’s the leaves. The trees in the grounds are stunning at the moment, every colour from a pale yellow through orange to a vivid crimson on the Japanese Acers. The problem is that in a very short time they will all fall to the ground  – not in small neat piles but in huge drifts twenty or thirty metres long and up to half a metre deep.

We all love to run around in dry fallen leaves listening to them rustle under our feet, but once they become wet and soggy they are a completely different animal. They become hugely heavy and stick together like glue coated sheets of paper. A few years back we discovered the joys of owning a leaf blower, they may look a bit prissy, but they are a lifesaver in 20 acres of wooded lawns. One hour’s worth of leaf blowing can accomplish what two men would achieve in a day with rakes. This year all the leaves have come down at once, but have given us one of the most spectacular Autumnal displays  we can remember.

The up side is that we leaf mulch coming out of our ears, so its garden top dressing here we come!!