Afternoon Tea

Mums the word

Having spent a minute or two researching the history of Mothers Day I find it fascinating (especially being one myself!) that this tradition is still going strong.
In an age of increasing equality and  a day for seemingly all bizarre and random events i.e. Margaret Thatcher Day and Alan Turing Day. Mothering Sunday as those clued up on all things of the Christian faith will know, falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent and is  not to be confused with  the secular event of Mothers Day which is a purely commercial event started in the US  in the early 20th century. Mothering Sunday was originally a homage to the mother church and other  occasions celebrating motherhood go way back to Greek  and Roman history.

I ‘m not however going to disparage or demean this fab day in any way as I want my treats, cake, washing up done, breakfast in bed……………………