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Homegrown Fruit & Veg

Watching the national evening news tonight. Tube strikes, massive rail fare rises, appalling state of inner city schools etc which caused me to reflect on how lucky we are up here in the Highlands of Scotland.True it takes a day to travel any distance, and we may be largely bypassed by mainstream theatre, and have to pay more for our fuel but the general quality of life is not only marvellous, but by and large taken for granted. On our doorstep we have the best of the British larder, excellent distilleries, stunning scenery and as safe an environment as exists in the UK today.

We are collecting elderberries this weekend and harvesting our apples and pears. The plums have just finished and the chantrelles are slowing down, as are the last of our tomato vines in the greenhouse. Did get a few nice potatoes today and some fresh parsley root. Chefs are making more jam next week with the last of the local berries and brewing some cordials to last through the winter.

We may not have missed the tax rises and the benefit cuts – but we seem to have missed an awful lot of unpleasantness that those less fortunate have not.