Wood chip boiler system

Chips (wooden)

Georgian Houses are beautiful to look at, and a pleasure to live in. They are however a complete nightmare to heat. Despite 3 foot thick walls and knee deep roof insulation there seems to be little one can do with large sash windows. It is clear how much heat is lost through the windows when opening shutters which have been closed overnight, its just like opening a fridge door as a wall of cold air enters the room.

Rooms have to be kept warmer in a hotel than elsewhere, particularly when we often enjoy the company of guests who are accustomed to warmer climes. It is also normal for people to open windows when they are too warm rather than turning the heating down. The cost of heating Boath House has doubled in the last five years and so we have at last taken the financial plunge and installed a wood pellet biomasss system which in theory should pay for itself in 5 years.

We have utilised the services of a Fort William company who have installed the system to a very high standard with a minimum of fuss and disruption using local time served tradesmen. Its great to see that there are engineers and tradesmen specialising in renewables being trained and employed locally. It is to be hoped that when the University of the Highlands new campus is in full swing that we will see more young people benefitting from the move towards renewables which we see in industry and in newer homes.

The system is due to be commissioned this week in the house, and will eventually heat the greenhouse as well. Watch this space and we will let you know whether renewable energy lives up to its green credentials.