Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung at Boath

It’s been sometime since we wrote anything – which does not mean that we have been idle!! Busy over Christmas and New Year with family, friends and a number of guests who have become firm friends over the years. Apparently the firework display at New Year was one of our best and was certainly enjoyed by our neighbours and some villagers who turn out to watch each year. Thinking of passing a hat round next time!


Christmas at Boath

When we first opened Boath House fifteen years ago after almost 5 years of renovations, we had small children and a complete absence of Winter trade. Most of the hotels in the north appeared to close up in October and re open in early Spring. We tried to stay open as long as possible, but the thought of depriving the children of Christmas (as well as Easter, summer hols and Halloween) just did not seem right, even though we were under huge pressure to give in and open.

Autumn by the lake

The problem with leaves

This is the time of year that Ian our grounds man goes into deep depression. This is not caused by shorter daylight hours, frosty mornings or the lack of grass to cut – it’s the leaves. The trees in the grounds are stunning at the moment, every colour from a pale yellow through orange to a vivid crimson on the Japanese Acers. The problem is that in a very short time they will all fall to the ground  – not in small neat piles but in huge drifts twenty or thirty metres long and up to half a metre deep.

private library meetings

An essential tool

… but I hate it!

Personally I have no time for computers, and computers have no time for me. I know this as a fact because every time I go near a keyboard something  absolutely crucial gets lost from the memory and an apoplectic wife, or member of our team  has a rant at me. Adjectives such as Luddite, incompetent, thick and the S word get used a lot (I mean stupid, stupid)!

Boath Wedding Car

Bentleys at Boath

This week was a week of automobiles. For two days we hosted luncheons for Bentley and their ubergorgeous new models. Four cars worth almost a million pounds sat on the drive on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday evening we has a group of enthusiasts from Belgium in 1950’s soft top touring sports cars all in concourse condition. Two Porches, two Jensen’s and an Austin Healey.