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An essential tool

… but I hate it!

Personally I have no time for computers, and computers have no time for me. I know this as a fact because every time I go near a keyboard something  absolutely crucial gets lost from the memory and an apoplectic wife, or member of our team  has a rant at me. Adjectives such as Luddite, incompetent, thick and the S word get used a lot (I mean stupid, stupid)!

Boath Wedding Car

Bentleys at Boath

This week was a week of automobiles. For two days we hosted luncheons for Bentley and their ubergorgeous new models. Four cars worth almost a million pounds sat on the drive on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday evening we has a group of enthusiasts from Belgium in 1950’s soft top touring sports cars all in concourse condition. Two Porches, two Jensen’s and an Austin Healey.