Boath Wedding Car

Bentleys at Boath

This week was a week of automobiles. For two days we hosted luncheons for Bentley and their ubergorgeous new models. Four cars worth almost a million pounds sat on the drive on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday and Wednesday evening we has a group of enthusiasts from Belgium in 1950’s soft top touring sports cars all in concourse condition. Two Porches, two Jensen’s and an Austin Healey.

All of the cars were mouth-wateringly lovely (if you are a petrol head, and even if you just appreciate good looks) and all obviously attracted different sorts of people. For those of us who have to make do with less glamorous, but perhaps more practical, modes of transport, they are either something to aspire to or something to be insanely jealous of. Either way it doesn’t matter in my opinion. Whether or not you can afford one they are all quality products made with pride and passion, something that would appear to be lacking in some areas of our society.

We might be approaching our twentieth year here, and may not be as glamorous as some of the newer models, but we hope that we will be appreciated in years to come for what we consider we stand for. Simply put – a warm welcome, a comfortable bed and a good dinner.

Oh! And don’t forget a decent breakfast.!